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Award-winning kids’ scooters by Swifty. SwiftyIXI is designed for children aged 7-12 yrs. Travel further over mixed terrain and in any weather. These high-quality junior scooters provide an unbeatable smooth ride for the pre-teen kid!

  • Swifty Scooters | SwiftyIXI – Orange
  • Beautifully styled on the original Swifty
  • Perfectly proportioned for growing children 7-12 yrs, 120-150 cm (3?11?-4?11?)
  • Feel the glide and travel further, premium quality goes a long way
  • 12-inch pneumatic wheels for a smooth ride across mixed terrain
  • Wet weather-ready with integrated mudguards and V-brakes as standard


  • Some assembly needed, tools and instructions provided
  • Pump required, sold separately

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SwiftyIXI, Kids Scooter, reviewed by Miss Swifty herself

Growing out of her 3 wheeled scooter, Miss Swifty was the inspiration for creating SwiftyIXI. Her input was integral to the design process. This video features the 8 year old tell us about the key features of her scooter and why they are important to her. Words are her own, unscripted!


SwiftyIXI offers the smoothest of rides thanks to 12-inch pneumatic wheels that effortlessly glides over rough terrain like gravel or grass. Feel the Swifty Glide!

Swifity Scooters Kids - SwiftyIXI


Beautifully styled on the original Swifty, SwiftyIXI is perfectly proportioned to growing children. SwiftyIXI is not only adjustable in height, but is also built to last, giving you 1000s of miles of fun. Swifty Scooters inspires accessible outdoor adventures. Go make some memories!

Swifity Scooters Kids - SwiftyIXI


Luxury to the pre-teen kid is independence. Luxury is the feeling of riding a smooth and stylish scooter ? enabling you to travel further and for longer. Once you try it, it fast becomes a family essential, offering the freedom of a bike, but with the safety of the pavement. With colour options to fall in love with, and a plywood deck to personalise, SwiftyIXI is a special gift for a child to cherish.

Swifity Scooters Kids - SwiftyIXI


A little rain won?t put a stop to this adventure! SwiftyIXI features retro-styled integrated mudguards as standard, front and rear V-brakes for safe and controlled stopping, and 12-inch pneumatic wheels to handle wet or muddy conditions.

Swifity Scooters Kids - SwiftyIXI

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