‘FREEDOM TO MOVE’ – Built to ride, designed to roll.

Award-winning adult scooters featuring foldable design, 16-inch big wheels, pneumatic tyres, front and rear brakes.
Range of classic UK designs for adults & Kids. Full range online, or come and view the range in our swifty scooter showroom.

Swifty Scooters was founded by husband and wife team, Jason and Camilla Iftakhar in Manchester UK. Their shared passion for design, sport, and two wheels gave birth to Swifty Scooters, where Jason hand built and assembled the original SwiftyONE in their workshop. The feeling of riding a Swifty brought a sunnier vibe to life in the North West (UK) and has been embraced by customers from all four corners of the globe.

Swifty Scooters - Off Road - Urban Fun - SwiftyONE | SwiftyONE Marine | SwiftyZERO | SwiftyAIR | SwiftyIXI | Swifty Electric
Swifty Urban Scooters - SwiftyOne
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A new way to move – upgrade your journey and just a awesome way to ride.

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Discover our full range of big wheel scooters SwiftyONE | SwiftyONE Marine | SwiftyZERO | SwiftyAIR | SwiftyIXI | Swifty Electric.

Swifity Scooters Kids - SwiftyIXI

SwiftyAIR MK2 – Scooter – Anthracite

Swifty Scooters – Fun. Urban. Fitness.

Kick-scooting is a unque way to move around the city, taking advantage of pavements, back streets, travel along canal paths and through parks. Self Propelled and you have the freedom to explore the city and beyond. Swifty scooters all have pneumatic wheels to smoothly glide over mixed urban terrain,and all have front & rear brakes, just step on and go!

At TTW we now offer the  full range of swifty scooters as well as having a selection of demo scooters for you to try. We also have an on-site workshop, where you can have a coffee while you wait for any repairs or technical issues.?

Swifty Scooters - Authorised Reseller East Midlands - Nottingham - Mi-Scooter UK - Family Scooters - Kid Scooters - Adult Scooters


SwiftyAIR-e - E Scooter - Mi Scooter UK - East Midlands - Nottingham - Swifty Scooter Sales - Showroom
Swifty Scooters - Authorised Reseller East Midlands - Nottingham - Mi-Scooter UK

The mission is to offer safe, fun urban mobility inspiring people to ride the urban jungle with confidence and control.

Take the humble scooter to the next level, offering a timeless clean design, and when combined with proven scooter experiance swifty scooters offers outstanding performance, and the maximum fun value you can get.

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Swifty Scooters | Let the adventure begin. Urban | Offroad Scooters.
Swifty Scooters | Let the adventure begin. Urban | Offroad Scooters.
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