Inokim | OZO A – E Bike


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Inokim OZO A Design Awards Winner

Inokim | OZO A – E Bike – Award Winning Electric Bike

INOKIM is proud to present the new Design Awards winner: INOKIM OZOa

The pedal assisted electric system model of the INOKIM OZO E-Bike, following the EU’s Pedaleck regulations, taking home the Design Award win while featuring new high end technology, style, and performance.


Inokim | OZO A – E Bike


is proud to present the new Design Awards winner:
INOKIM OZO Electric Bike.


INOKIM has now officially entered the E-Bike space, taking our latest Design Awards to win by storm with a new model;

INOKIM OZOa – The pedal-assisted electric system

INOKIM OZOe – Pure electric bike technology with a thumb throttle

2020 is here and Inokim real see it?s final bike model available here on pre-orders. shipping date august limited number available. Please place your order and we will contact you immediately with new details.


Designed to be an iconic and recognized object, the inspiration is the letter ‘Z’, and the name is adopted to reflect its shape. The two ‘O’s are the wheels and the ‘Z’ is for the frame whilst the “a” is for the assisted electric element. Another inspiration is the font of the brand’s logo.


The OZOa electric bike is mainly recognized by its unique shape inspired by the letter ‘Z’ which also reminds us of a lightning strike. The frame is designed as one main continuous line connecting all the bicycle features together such as the steering, front wheel, rear motorized wheel, seat, and pedals. In addition, it holds a rear suspension within its natural shape. All parts and frame are made of aluminum profile to reduce weight. The lithium ion battery is an integral part of the frame and can be removed to recharge separately.


Not only is the shape outstanding, these electric bicycles are very comfortable to use. The seat is adjustable to different height. The rear suspension deals with road and uneven surfaces. The detachable battery allows the user to keep the bicycle locked outside whilst the battery can be charged at home or replaced by a new recharged one.


The initial design and concept started in August 2018 and will be released in June 2020. The design is made in Israel, the developments, prototypes and production is in Ningbo, China. The project is a multicultural joint venture.

Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation Design


Achieving the desired shape presented production challenges. Small radii in the “Z” shaped corners preclude the use of bending material. So, we divided the frame into sections, combining them into one continuous line. We created extruded aluminum profiles to cover the length and width of the bicycle. The sections were welded together and plastic covers were added where needed. Also developed for the project were: a detachable waterproof lithium ion battery, an LCD screen (displaying data such as electric system, speed and battery condition), a brushless hub motor and a controller.


Width – 500mm Length- 1140mm, Height – 1000mm (adjustable) Weight – 21kgTAGS:

‘Z’ Shape, electric bicycle, ebike, OZO, OZOa, Nimrod Sapir, INOKIM


The research involved observing hundreds of bicycles and electrical bicycles for their ergonomics, construction and function. All parts were marked in their average ergonomic anchor points and the frame was disregarded. We searched for clean and identifiable frame shapes which would contain electric parts (eg: battery and controller) and would bear the weight of riders. Our fourth attempt gleaned a “z” shape. Our research into other existing products in the market with this shape revealed some unsuccessful attempts, none of which had passed the concept stage.


As there are hundreds of different electric bicycles existing in the market, the challenge was to find a way to design a new product which differentiated from all others. The electric bicycles were designed to meet different territory regulations. A. The European regulations as PEDELC B. American regulation, Pure Electric C. Asian regulations, as MOPED by replacing the pedals and chain with a foot rest.

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