Winglights Adaptor For Electric Scooters



Handlebar adaptor for electric scooter to install?WingLights indicators into scooter for safer turning and visibility.


The WingLights Adaptor for Electric Scooters allows WingLights to be fitted into e-scooters ensuring a secure fit. Compatible with other scooter handlebars with crescent shaped internal handlebar, please contact us before ordering so we could confirm the compatibility of your handlebars.

WingLights are directional indicators and sidelights that are mounted onto handlebars and are designed to help reduce near misses by making your direction intentions known and highlighting your position on the road.

Scooter Adaptor Fits Xiaomi and Ninebot Scooter, with the exclusion of Ninebot Max g30d. Please contact us if your are having any issues with the installation of adaptors on Xiaomi and Ninebot e-scooters. We will then guide you to a successful installation.


How to Fit the WingLights Adaptor for Electric Scooter:

1. Remove handlebar grip and fit adaptor into crescent shaped metal handlebar.
2. Create a hole in the end of the handlebar grip.
3. Place handlebar grip back onto handlebar.
4. Fit WingLights indicator into the end of the handlebar and screw in until fitted securely.

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