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MELON? Urban Active Helmets ? Melon combines style, fun and function!


The latest production technologies and a wide range of features provide all the requirements for a modern, urban and active lifestyle.

The high-tech in-mold construction in a classic shape makes the Melon Urban Active 30% lighter compared to other traditional hard shell helmets.

It features 3 base sizes ranging from 46-63 cm.

Each helmet is further adjustable through breathable Coolmax? paddings in 3 different sizes (5/8/12 mm).

12 ventilation holes, the Melon Airflow Channel System (MACS?), and a patented Fidlock? magnetic buckle offer class leading comfort.


Scooter Helmet Urban Active New York – Melon Helmets

Protect yourself with a scooter helmet from Melon. Falls can occur at any time during sporting activities. In public traffic you are exposed to external influences that you cannot control. Therefore, you should wear the necessary safety equipment to protect yourself. Our head is a very vulnerable part of the body, so it should be given special protection. A hard impact without head protection can have fatal consequences. This is why Melon skate and bicycle helmets offer the highest safety standards and full Certification. However, Melon Urban Active helmets are about 30% lighter than competing products. This increases the wearing comfort and spreads the impact load in case of a fall. Every helmet can be precisely adjusted to every individual?s head circumference to guarantee a firm fit. These safety and comfort attributes are also fulfilled by the helmets for our smallest children. Our Toddler helmets protect your child?s head perfectly. An additional LED on the back of the helmet ensures good visibility in traffic.

Trust in a strong brand – trust in Melon?

Melon offers its customers both innovative designs and awarded safety standards. Melon helmets have won numerous awards and tests from various International Certification bodies, trade magazines, consumer associations, and product testers. Highlights include winning the RedDot Award for design excellence and unique product features. An international committee of experts awarded Melon the winner of the award for its Urban Active helmets. Various trade magazines and tests have also awarded Melon prizes and accolades. Melon was test winner in Cycle magazine. At also awarded Melon the title ?Test Winner?. Our helmets were awarded GOOD in Bike Bild magazine. These tests and awards confirm the strength of Melon?s design superiority, innovation, and highest safety standards for our users.

Scooter Helmet Urban Active New York

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Helmet Size

M-L (52cm – 58cm), XL-XXL (58cm ? 63cm), XXS-S (46cm – 52cm)

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