Inokim | E Scooter Lock – Blue


The Inokim lock allows you to park your scooter as safely as possible. Maximum security and portability.


High Security Folding Lock for your?INOKIM electric scooter.

  • This lock can compete with any ABUS lock at half the price.
  • heat treated hardened steel, resists 9 tons of hydraulic pressure
  • anti drilling?lock hole (will turn with drill)
  • small lock cylinder prevents lock picking
  • Swiss cylinder and key technology
  • lightweight (only 2 lb)

Creates a 25 inch long?circle.

It’s easy to attach and sits tightly in its case without vibration or rattling noise during your ride.

INSTRUCTIONS:?Attach?the lock holder to the center of the front stem. Ensure that the holding straps are NOT situated over any cables or cable holes in the stem.

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