Egret – Front Backpack


Egret Front Backpack


A true classic for every EGRET and THE-URBAN user, the backpack ? the combination of sling bag, rucksack and scooter bag has never looked better. The lightweight is the perfect companion for excursions or business trips, water bottle, purse, keys, tablet, phone and sunglasses easily fit into the backpack.


An intelligent system of hook-and-loop-fasteners makes it easy to mount to the handlebar of the scooter. A steplessly adjustable padded shoulder strap guarantees comfortable wearing comfort.

Fall in love with the elegant denim grey design and the convincing comfort.

The cover material is low-maintenance and dirt resistant.


  • H 34 cm x w 19 cm x d 11 cm
  • Upper: polyester
  • Lining: polyester
  • Colour: denim grey
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