Aresbikes A-Class Tyre 16 x 1.75″ – ZERO – AIR


SwiftyAir – SwiftyZero Spare Tyre

Designed to take the abuses of the most aggressive riders. Featuring a non-directional hookworm park tread, and a chunkier 1.95-inch width, this tyre provides cushioning when riding over bumps, as well as an impressive max PSI of 110 for fast riding on the hard urban terrain. High-pressure pneumatic tyres are made for efficient scooting and fantastic grip, even in the wet!



  • Features side wall Aresbikes A-Class branding
  • Replacement tyre for SwiftyAIR MK1 and MK2



  • Size: 16 x 1.75″
  • Weight: 435g | 0.96lb
  • Max Pressure: 110psi | 7.6bar
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