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SwiftyAIR-e - Dirt E Scooter
Swifty Electric Scooters


Effortlessly glide up hills with the 250W brushless hub motor and 36V lithium-ion battery…then freewheel down. A light personal electric vehicle with zero emissions. Built to tackle the toughest road conditions, SwiftyAIR-e is the rugged, big wheel ‘kick-assist’ e-scooter that can take you anywhere. Glide over uneven terrain on the 16 inch wheels and wider dirt-tread tyres in comfort and in style.

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  • Swifty | SwiftyAIR-e - Electric Scooter - Dirt E Scooter

    Swifty | SwiftyAIR-e – Anthracite | Electric Scooter | Dirt Scooter

  • Sale! SwiftyAIR-e - Atlantic Blue

    Swifty | SwiftyAIR-e – Atlantic Blue | Electric Scooter | Dirt Scooter

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