Offering the Mercane – Wide Wheel Pro Duel & Single versions, as well as the top of the range Mercane MX 60.


Mercane - E Scooter Range - WideWheel Pro - MX60 - Mi Scooter


The Next generation of comfort driving!

Widewheel – Wide Wheel PRO & the top of the range MX60 is all about the upgrades you would expect:

safety, design, and power ? all in one!

The ?concept? is to create high-quality power, durability and control.


Mercane E Scooter Logo

Mercane offers the dream scooter solutions.

Offering machined excellance and build quality that can’t be beaten.

Alway’s looking at the world with there eyes open and there senses set to high.

Mercane fulfill the future technology; and hope’s to share it all around the world.

Mercane – WideWheel – High performance, Unbeatable price unique design Aerodynamic design WideWheel electric scooter.

Mercane WideWheel Pro - Mi Scooter

Mercane is expert R&D and manufacturing company in various type of personal mobility which moves by electric power.
Mercane always dreams to the future.

Sensitivity & Technology
Today, we live in a society with too many technologies and convenience of science.

The world has been changed faster and quickly. Perhaps, were losing something important in the high-tech world.

Not with Mercane they want to make things simple with better technology.

Mercane Wide Wheel Pro - Electric Scooter - Mi Scooter UK
Mercane Wide Wheel Pro - Mi Scooter
Mercane Wide Wheel Pro - Mi Scooter
Mercane Wide Wheel Pro - Mi Scooter


Mercane Wide Wheel Pro - Mi Scooter
Mercane - MX60 - Mi Scooter
Mercane E Scooter Logo

WideWheel Mission.

Safer, More Accessible, Comfortable, and Robust. Widewheel was designed to offer Electric scooter durability, with its aluminum alloy die casting process which is what sets its apart from other e scooters and offerer a sleeker looking scooter with higher levels of elegance.

Attractive Aerodynamic Design.

The widewheel range blends craftsmanship in to a attractive lokk with outstanding aerodynamics.

Whats makes it unique?

The ultra-wide-tires and link type suspension tailored to a WideWheel provides a perfect balanced ride that only a motorcycle can offer without compromising the portable feature.


  • WideWheel Pro Duel

  • Wide Wheel Pro Single

MX 60 Excellance.

Mercane has really stepped up the game with the MX60 Dual Motor Electric Scooter.

If your looking for a all-terrain electric scooter that boasts huge power, range, ride comfort and bulletproof construction, then look no further. Ride comfort on the Mercane MX60 is amazing thanks to a larger deck which floats on the front and rear air shocks and large tyres.

This high level of comfort makes this scooter perfect for long rides, the MX60 has a max range of 100Km and the battery can be removed from the scooter to so you can charge it wherever you like. The power of this scooter will thrill any person looking for the ultimate urban journey.


  • Mercane – MX 60

Thinking of buying an Mercane electric scooter?…..

Then please give us a call, we can advise on the best model for you.


Mercane WideWheel Pro - Mi Scooter - Electric Scooter

Demo Versions Coming Soon.

2020 New Mercane MX60 Smart Electric Scooter 2400W 60km/h
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